Using search engine optimization to gain the number one spot on a search engine is an ideal situation.  According to, “you can generate free, targeted, organic traffic to your website,” (, 2019) using SEO.  SEO is the preferred marketing strategy, but it must be developed over time. There are multiple factors that come into play when setting up a successful SEO campaign.  Your website must be designed with content and architecture that will bring in traffic. Your site should contain keywords and links and the pages need to have quality content.  The site must be set up in a way that will make it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl and index your site.  In today’s marketplace you also need to make sure that your site is mobile friendly and that it is sharable on social media.   There are many ways to achieve all of this but since search engine algorithms are always changing (, 2019) your company needs to decide if they should hire a dedicated SEO professional.  

Search engine marketing is paid advertising and can almost certainly bring traffic to your site.  For example, Google AdWords allows you to purchase keywords.  When a consumer enters a keyword in their search box this starts an auction.  Based on your site’s ranking with Google and how much you bid on the keyword, your advertisement will show up in the consumer’s search.  The higher your site is ranked by Google, the lower the cost of your campaign will be.  If the consumer clicks on your ad, you will be charged by Google.  Google offers a range of tools to manage every aspect of a SEM campaign.  A SEM campaign will bring traffic to your site much quicker than SEO but can be very costly.  If it is in your budget and you want immediate traffic, it is well worth running a SEM campaign. 

Using a combination of SEO and SEM is ideal for any website.  Someone who stays up to date on SEO should constantly be monitoring best practices to keep your website high in the search engine rankings.  Keeping your website up to date will keep its content fresh and will ideally keep your site ranked high with Google.  This will not only keep you high in a consumer’s search results but will help keep your cost low for a SEM campaign. 

Reference; Rose, Charlie (2019),, retrieved from,


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